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Bookmark Wizard 2.0

A free tiny tool that creates customized HTML pages of your IE favorites (See all)

Bookmark Wizard Pro is an extremely easy-to-use tiny tool that allows you to create customized HTML pages with all your Internet Explorer favorites or a selection of them. Unlike the exporting utility that comes with Microsoft IE, this free tool lets you decide on various aspects of the final layout of the bookmarks page.

Thus, you can decide on the font to be used, its size, the alignment of the text within the page margins, and its level of indentation. Besides, you can also choose the colors for different links and normal text. The final layout of the bookmarks page can be graphical or resemble a traditional list, with or without the contents page. The links to your preferred websites will appear in the same ascending order they appear in your favorites folder. As a bonus, Bookmark Wizard Pro includes an Import/Export option which resembles very closely the one you will find in your Windows Internet Explorer.

The whole process is quite straightforward, and all you need to do is follow the five steps of its Bookmark Wizard. However, had it used a slightly bigger window and had it grouped the different layout settings in a more logical way, the number of steps needed might have easily been reduced to just one or two. In fact, the settings for fonts, colors, and other formatting issues are scattered in different steps, which may sometimes be even a bit confusing. However, this does not diminish the usefulness of this tool, especially if we take into account that this is not a process you will be performing every other day, and that moving through the five windows of the wizard takes only a few seconds. Certainly worth trying!

Francisco Martínez
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